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Vendors of Market City are responsible to adhere to the following rules and regulations found on this page. These rules are the official policies of Market City Inc. Ignorance of these rules will not prevent Market City, Inc. from taking the necessary actions of fines or evictions of vendors

These rules apply to:


  • Vendors must stay within their assigned space(s).

  • Vendors must only sell what has been approved by management. Market City management has the final say on what can be sold.

  • A Vendor application that list items desire to be sold doesn’t serve has right to sell an item.

  • Vendors will be required to undergo a product check or audit to make sure that unapproved items are not being sold. If Quality Control Operator discovers that items are being sold without approval from management a fine will be issued and possible eviction. Market City reserves the right to evict any vendor at anytime that doesn’t comply to rules and regulations

  • Walking sales are permitted, but must be approved by management cost $10

  • Portable canopies must have a minimum of 20 lbs. weight on each vertical pole for wind control.

  • Merchandise left in a space not paid for will be disposed of at management’s discretion.

  • Market City reserves the right to resell any reserved space (daily) if not occupied by 9 a.m. on any day that Market City is open to the public.

  • Vendor that leave their items overnight that pay daily, if items remain a spot any vendor didn’t show up will still have to pay reg daily rent.

  • For Blacktop spaces: Do not drive stakes/nails/pegs into the blacktop. Do not mark on or apply tape to the blacktop.

  • the use of Profanity, slander, character attacks against any fellow vendor, customer and/or management is subject to immediate eviction for Market City premises

  • We have the right to refuse space rental to ANY VENDOR at any time and is at the total discrestion of Market City Management.

  • Any Vendor that is past due on rent payments are subject to lock change on booth and/or vendor is prohibited from accessing the booth until all past due rent payments are made in full. 

  • Vendors are to keep their space(s) clean. Any vendor who does not may be assessed a cleanup fee of $25.00.

  • Excessive garbage, spoiled produce and tires must be removed from the Market City premises by the vendor.

  • No fliers may be passed out unless approved by management.

  • Vendors that do not have the rent money during collection time will be charged a late fee.

  • Market City reserves the right to keep sound emitting from any type of stereos, radios and televisions and any other sound to an acceptable level. No voice amplification is permitted without management approval.

  • Vendors that have not paid booth rent for more than three weeks, will be evicted and items will become the property of Market City and sold in order to pay back rent and all other expenses dealing with the removal of items

  • No refunds. If 7 Mile Fair is completely rained out, and you have not setup it will not be a charge, if you have placed your items on the premises, you will be charged regular rent

  • Market City reserves the right to terminate at any time without notice the rights of any vendor who does not fully comply with the rules and regulations of Market City Inc.

  • Vendors that are two weeks late on rent will not be able to open their booth until back rent is paid.

  • Numerous complaints about a vendor will result in the expulsion of that vendor from Market City. In the event a complaint cannot be resolved between the vendor and the customer, an agent of Market City will hear both sides position and make a decision. The vendor will be bound by the decision made by Market City’s agent.

  • Children must be kept under the control of their parents at all times.

  • Use of obscene language or gestures will not be tolerated.

  • Inside vendor payments are due before 2pm on Sundays. Rent payment is always paid as an advance payment for the next week. If a vendor doesn’t pay their rent for the week, a $20 late charge will be assessed to their rent payment

  • No dogs are allowed on the Market City property except for guide dogs

  • Market City shall not be responsible or liable to any vendor for any loss or damage that results to vendor or his/her property from water, fire, explosion, theft or from any source or any cause whatsoever, including acts of nature.

  • No riding of bicycles, motorbikes, riding lawnmowers, roller skates or skateboards is permitted on Market City property.

  • Sales of the following items are prohibited: handguns;drug paraphernalia; adult (Xrated) merchandise/material of any kind; beer; cigarettes; ammunition; permanent tattoos; fireworks; explosives; illegal, copied or stolen items Market City reserves the right at any time to prohibit certain additional items from being sold, traded or given away and to deny admission to any vendor.

  • Compliance: Vendors shall comply with all town, county, state and federal laws.

  • Sales tax: Inside Vendors must have a "Seller’s Permit: Every individual partnership, corporation or other organization making retail sales or rentals of tangible personal prop-erty or selling, performing or furnishing taxable services at retail in this state shall have a seller’s permit, unless the vendor is exempt from taxation."

  • Games: No games of chance, skill, raffles, lotteries or auctions may be conducted by vendors upon Market City property

  • Market City is not responsible for any liability arising out of the negligent acts of its vendors or their employees, or for any injuries sustained by its vendors or their employees, including theft that occurs as a result of negligence of leaving your vendor space unattended.

  • Vendors must make prior arrangements with Market City management to gain access to the building any time that Market City is not open to the general public

Rules & Regulations

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